An interview with SunShipped co-founders Eden and Holly

An Interview with SunShipped Founders: Eden and Holly

Learn more about SunShipped, and the founders behind it, the ultimate destination to shop Australian and New Zealand resort brands with no long shipping times or import duties.

Why did you start SunShipped?

Eden -  My first trip to New Zealand was to Holly’s utterly fabulous wedding in January 2023. I’d always been aware of the beautiful, quality Australian and New Zealand brands from Instagram and Pinterest but I became even more aware of just how great the style was when I saw all the wedding guests and Hols took me around the boutique shops. With no place to buy these great brands in the UK we realised that this was a perfect opportunity to (somewhat selfishly) bring these brands to the UK.

Holly - Having lived in New Zealand for several years I know there is a unique Antipodean style and the influence of the beach lifestyle is undeniable. Having friends from the UK point that out in real time just really stuck with me, and after Eden had left NZ the idea to bring independent and unique Kiwi and Aussie brands to the UK kept going around my head. In true international style I voice-noted Eden to say there must be something in this, and now here we are!

Who is the SunShipped customer?

H - She is independent, ambitious and curious. She’s interested in fashion and her Instagram is mostly filled with others she’s inspired by. It’s where she get ideas for what to wear, where to eat, where to work out and what to read or watch.

She cares about looking after herself and is curious about new innovations in this space. Her weekend is most likely filled with exercise, food out, seeing friends and family, walking her dog, coffees and some shopping.

She’s well traveled and seeks out new destinations every year and of course is always looking for great outfits to take with her…

What is your hope for SunShipped?

E - For women to feel fabulous on holiday. We all know how tough it can be to find the perfect holiday wardrobe and the hope is that we can make that a joyful process. Whether that’s an outfit for a fab dinner or a beautiful shirt to throw on at the beach with a pair of sunglasses… SunShipped has what you need!

H - We also want to build a community of like minded people. We want to be more than just another e-commerce brand adding to a crowded marketplace. We want to connect talented, unique brands and designers with consumers across the other side of the world who are looking beyond fast fashion and care about where and how their garments are produced.

How did you guys meet?

E - New York, 10 years ago united by our love of clothes and exploring the city. We shared a room (!) and over time our wardrobes became one. We’ve got different styles that complement each other so it was always fun to borrow pieces from each other and try out new outfit combos.

One of SunShipped values is ‘Sunny’, how do you find brightness in everyday life?

H - Get outside - feel the sun on your face if you can, play music loudly and surround yourself with people that make you laugh.

E - I’m not sure when it started but something Holly and I do is ‘sun appreciation’ which means; taking a moment to close your eyes and raise your face to the sun and give out good vibes and appreciation for the sunny day.

What’s your ultimate sunny holiday destination?

H - In NZ I don’t think you can beat the beauty of the Bay of Islands and the far north. Unspoilt and unfussy - you truly feel like you’re escaping the everyday. In Europe the Balearic Islands would be where I go time and time again. We recently spent two weeks in Mallorca and are already planning a return trip. I joke to my husband that I'll be retiring to Ibiza eventually…

E - There are so many places on my list but right now the Australian beaches are loudly calling my name to visit.

What are the top three items you’d pack for a sunny holiday?

E - I LOVE a long sleeve graphic tee with a pair of denim shorts, great to throw on after a day at the beach and I don’t go anywhere without a day to night jumpsuit to feel instantly fabulous. 

H - Number one is an oversized shirt, preferably a stripy one. It is so versatile from the beach, to exploring the sites to dinner out. 

I am always searching for the ultimate white dress. Something classic but with embellishment or detail. Nothing beats throwing a white dress on after a day in the sun and feeling instantly pulled together but in holiday mode. 

Finally a classic big straw bag to throw all the beach essentials in.

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