SunShipped is the ultimate destination for your holiday clothes, sunny items and beauty

Everything you need for a sunny life in one place.

Our mission is to bring the essence of eternal summer to every wardrobe and home. We are a one stop shop, providing a platform for talented, unique brands to connect with consumers who want to discover fashion, beauty and lifestyle companies from sunny, aspirational destinations. 

When it comes to buying pieces for a sunny life - be that beautiful pieces for your home, beauty or holiday clothes there are so many places you could shop that it can be at times overwhelming. At SunShipped we source and curate to bring you the best in one place.

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Eden and Holly | Founders of SunShipped - AU and NZ resort wear without the wait

Meet the founders

SunShipped was founded by two friends with a shared love of the sun. Eden, from Glasgow and Holly, from the Lake District met in New York in 2013. 

Here’s why they started SunShipped. 

Since we have known each other we have always taken time for sun appreciation. Taking a moment to sit with your face to the sun and just breathe - whenever we’ve been - New York, New Zealand, London, Spain you name it we’ve done sun appreciation. This is where our value of #staysunny comes from - we want to give everyone the gift of a sunny life.

Get to know the founders better in this interview.