How does SunShipped work?

How does SunShipped work?

At SunShipped, we are excited to introduce our carefully curated collections of brands handpicked by us. Aligning with our values, we aim to create a captivating shopping experience that celebrates the best of New Zealand and Australian brands with a focus on quality, celebrating local talent and the joy of finding the perfect item! Below we delve a little more into each goal. 


In an industry dominated by fast fashion and mass production, our focus is on quality, exclusivity, and craftsmanship. We believe in the magic of anticipation. Our curated drops feature a limited selection of items carefully chosen by both of us, showcasing the finest pieces from different New Zealand and Australian brands. Each drop is a unique collection that reflects our discerning taste and captures the essence of our fashion-forward community that is looking for something different. 


Curation is an art form that allows us to curate a cohesive and distinctive collection that resonates with our customers. We meticulously handpick items that embody the Antipodean and sun-drenched lifestyle and timeless elegance. From chic dresses to accessories that add the perfect finishing touch, every item in our drops is chosen with utmost care. 

Celebrating Local Talent

One of our primary goals is to shine a spotlight on the exceptional talent found within New Zealand and Australia. We have collaborated with various emerging and established brands, selecting pieces that showcase their unique aesthetic and craftsmanship. By featuring these local designers, we aim to foster a sense of community and support the fashion industry's growth. With each curated drop, we create an avenue for these brands to reach a wider audience and showcase their creativity.

The Joy of Limited Drops

Curating limited drops enables us to create a sense of anticipation and urgency, bringing an element of surprise to the shopping experience. We understand that fashion enthusiasts seek individuality and the thrill of owning something exclusive. Our limited drops provide an opportunity for customers to secure their favourite pieces before they're gone. By embracing this model, we prioritise quality over quantity and ensure that every item is cherished by its owner.

Connecting with our Community

We believe that fashion and lifestyle items are more than just items — they’re a form of self-expression and a means to connect with others. Our curated drops foster a sense of community among fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry behind each piece. Through social media, our website, and exclusive events, we invite you to join our community, share your styling inspirations, and engage in conversations about fashion and lifestyle. You can join our community on Instagram; @sun_shipped


By curating unique items from different New Zealand and Australian brands, we celebrate local talent, embrace exclusivity, and foster a vibrant fashion community. We hope you love the pieces and brands as much as we do. 

If you would like your brand to be given a platform on SunShipped contact us. Otherwise, stay tuned for our upcoming drops by signing up to our newsletter and get 10% off your first purchase!  

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