Four Sunny Tips and Tricks For The Festive Period

Four Sunny Tips and Tricks For The Festive Period

The silly season is here and with it comes early dark nights and no doubt a fair share of rainy weather here in the northern hemisphere. Finding a moment for yourself or having a sunny disposition can be challenging at this time of the year. Hear from SunShipped co-founders Eden and Holly on how they are planning on bringing some sunshine to this festive period and some tricks of how you can do the same. 

1. Get outside (it’s a cliché we know…)

We both agree that hands down the best way to bring some lightness and positive thoughts to your day over this period is to get outside. Try to make a pact with yourself to get outside for a minimum 10 minutes a day, rain or shine. If it’s sunny (bonus), sit in the sun for 10 mins, close your eyes and just feel the warmth on your face. We call this ‘Sun Appreciation’ at SunShipped and we know it will leave us feeling brighter - give it a go. 

Move your body; a walk, a run, a cycle. We know it can be hard to face when it’s raining and cold but you know you’ll feel better for doing it. We’ve recently both got into cold water swimming (swimming is probably too strong a word for the dunk we normally do…). Cold water leaves you feeling invigorated and there’s no excuse even if it’s raining! We love this article from the The Wild Swimming Brothers talking about the many benefits of cold water swimming including increasing feelings of well-being and happiness and helping to limit SAD, (the seasonal affective disorder). Dust off your swimwear - it’s not just for summer! 

2. Connect with friends and family

It’s easy in the busy times we live in now and in a world connected by scrolling on social media to not necessarily prioritise connecting with our friends and family, which can be a sure fire way to bring joy into our lives. After years of being forced to isolate due to the pandemic we think it’s time to embrace the IRL meetups! Social psychologist Sara Algoe has said “For people who are laughing together, shared laughter signals that they see the world in the same way, and it momentarily boosts their sense of connection.” We know that when we feel connected it can boost our mood. 

3. Prioritise you 

This time of the year can bring many social occasions, family members descending or highlight the need for some self care after a busy or tough year. Finding time for yourself can seem indulgent and often slips to the bottom of our lists. But you always feel brighter after spending some time dedicated looking after yourself. Self care can mean something different to everyone….

Eden: Get my heart rate up - even if I don’t feel like it. I love to work out to fast dance music - whether that’s heading outside for a run or cycle or on my indoor bike if the weathers not on my side - I know that I’m guaranteed to be smiling by the end of it.

Holly: Number one, light a candle. Preferably one that reminds me of the beach and sunshine - it instantly can lift my spirits in winter or when I need a moment of calm. Yoga or pilates are my preference when I need to shrug off feeling sluggish or blue, if I can’t make it to a class I’ll always turn to Yoga with Adriene online to get a hit.

4. Start to focus on the new year

With potentially some time off over the festive season and being forced indoors once the sun goes down (we see you 4pm sunset) get curled up in a chair and start thinking about the new year ahead. It doesn’t have to be full blown new year's resolutions but writing down some intentions and dreams for the year ahead can bring some focus and it’s remarkable how light you can feel once those ideas, thoughts or feelings are down on a piece of paper.  


This is what works to bring some sunshine to us over the winter months and the festive season but we want to hear from you too. We’ll have some exciting launches in 2024, including building a community of like minded people to share ideas, experiences and tips - watch this space! 

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